Ivana Cermakova

Brno, Czech Republic

What do you like the most about modelling?

I still like meeting new people and being part of a creative process. It is amazing to see what photographers can create with light. I like also the fact that every moment I can “play“ a different role. It’s a creative job and adventure also. Every single shooting is different so there is no routine in this job. I also enjoy to meet new people every day and visit different countries.

How often do you travel abroad because of your job?

Because of my job I travel abroad practically every month.

Are you also talented in some other area than in modelling?

Actually I was always good in sports. I devote myself to dancing, swimming, jogging and snowboarding. I was also working as a dancer on dancing fashion shows and club dancing events.

What is your job?

I am a fulltime model working all over Europe & Asia. I work as Art Nude model, commercial model, act in commercials but do also work a lot with international photographers organising workshops so that less experienced photographer can have a great portfolio.

How long have you been doing modelling?

It will be almost 7 years. I started with modelling when I was 19 years old.

Was it your dream to be a model?

Not at all. When I was a young girl I was always more “clever than pretty“. When I got a little bit older I was looking for some job I can do during my studies. I started with promotion for different brands, on exhibitions, events etc. Then I got the first offer for a test shooting and during the shooting I realized that I actually like to be in front of the camera. The photographer was really satisfied with the results so I started to get more and more offers for shootings. I combined modelling a long time together with getting my master in marketing. Now it is my fulltime job and I do not regret it at all.

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