Martina Gold

The photo shoot was carried out in Tuscany in a beautiful private apartment, Martina was not easy to photograph
as she made faces and constantly had problems with the cold. But, at the end, we had great photos, as anyone did before, in a perfect glamorous style.

Martina Gold started her career in the show business in Italy and then changed to Paris . Back to Italy she started as an erotic dancer and she appears in the most popular erotic fairs in Italy, being considered the best italian sexystar. She also works in different TV shows.

Fotografia | Photography

Loris Gonfiotti

Loris Gonfiotti é um fotógrafo de Toscana, Itália.
Considera que a aptidão para a fotografia de Glamour é inata e que o seu destino ficou traçado em 2003 quando encontrou a actual mulher e abraçou a fotografia de Glamour.

Loris Gonfiotti is a photographer from Toscana, Italy. He thinks his aptitude for Glamour is innate and that his destination was decided when he shot his actual wife and started shooting glamour.