Arnold Ochman

Hi, can you let us know who is Arnold Ochman?

I was born in Poland. Since 2005 I live in Scotland.

How did you start shooting?

My adventure with photography began in 1986. This was the analogue photography, later I had a long break.

What kind of content do you prefer shooting?

I really like to photograph models in landscape.

How do you feel in the fashion world?

Current world of fashion is very commercial. I think they found my way.

If you had the chance to choose a model and a place for a shooting, who would you photograph? Where?

It is very, very, very much a model.
Place!? Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela…

Besides being a photographer, who are you?

Normal man, I’m interested in cars, extreme sports. I read a lot.

When you look around do you see the world through a camera viewfinder?

Oh yes, analyzes a scene and light… like illness.

We believe this is your first contact with Amol magazine, can we have your opinion about the mag?

Exactly, this is my first meeting with the Amol magazine. I like the form, interesting pictures and beautiful models.